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Columbia Investment Management Company

The Columbia Investment Management Company was formed in 2002 as a nonprofit University subsidiary that invests the endowment and takes its direction from a board whose members include leading investment experts among the University's alumni and trustees, in addition to several senior Columbia administrators. This structure allows experienced managers the flexibility to consider different investment strategies and vehicles.

Donors now have the opportunity to invest alongside the endowment by establishing a donor advised fund or charitable remainder unitrust trusteed by Columbia University. To discover more about the lasting impact of the Columbia Endowment, click here.

To learn more about Columbia's endowment, please explore these excerpts from our Endowment Report.

CIMC-Pages_Your-Lasting-Impact_Endowment-Report_2016-1.jpg Managing Columbia's Endowment


Endowment Fund Performance.jpg Endowment Fund Performance


CIMC.jpg Columbia Investment Management Company (IMC)



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