Gift Planning

Gift Planning

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Columbia alumni and friends are making more possible through Gift Planning.

See how Columbians are paving the way for future students, faculty, and pivotal projects.

Every day, Columbia University and its alumni community are expanding the boundaries of what’s possible—in the boardroom, courtroom, operating room, newsroom, classroom, and beyond. One driving force behind these advances: the alumni and friends who make more possible today and every day through Planned Giving.


Photo of Carlos Medeiros
Carlos Medeiros ’85BUS

“The outstanding education I got at Columbia Business School was instrumental to my very fulfilling career.”

Photo of Marcella Stapor ’59GS
Marcella Stapor ’59GS

"Seeing what my gift means to the students has been one of the highlights of my life."

Photo of Jooyun
Jooyun "Julie" Oh Ybarra ’98BUS

"When you make a charitable gift, start with your most appreciated securities."

Photo of Cindy Tether ’80BUS
Cindy Tether ’80BUS

"Columbia prepared me with a great education, and now I feel blessed to be able to give back."

Photo of Phillip and Doug
Phillip Smith ’61CC, ’69GSAPP and Doug Thompson ’70GSAPP

"At some point in your life, you have to take what you've built up and share it in meaningful ways."

Omar ’59SEAS and Camella Wing

"Columbia taught me what quality education is all about."

Photo of Dorothy Butler Gilliam. Link to her story.
Dorothy Butler Gilliam '61JRN

"A commitment to fighting for diversity in the media has been central to my life and career."

Photo of Marian Chuan '57SSW. Link to her story.
Marian Chuan '57SW

"If we commit our lives to making things better, even just a little, we can change the world."

Photo of Jeff and Linda Franklin
Jeff and Linda Franklin

When Jeff Franklin '68SEAS was accepted to Columbia with a full-tuition scholarship, the economical choice would have been to commute from his childhood home in Brooklyn.

Photo of Stephen Buchman
Stephen Buchman ’59CC, ’62LAW

When Stephen Buchman '59CC, '62LAW thinks about the major pivot points in his life, attending Columbia College tops the list.

Photo of Milagro Ruiz
Milagro Ruiz ’84GS

Milagro Ruiz remembers standing on the steps of Low Library for the first time, looking out at the campus she was about to call home.

Photo of Jerome Chazen
Jerome Chazen '50BUS

The year was 1990. Four decades had passed since Jerry Chazen graduated from Columbia Business School, and he never did spend much time looking back.

Photo of Keville Frederickson Tomasson
Keville Frederickson Tomasson '64NRS, '74TC

Keville Frederickson Tomasson '64NRS, '74TC transferred to Columbia from Illinois midway through her nursing program.

Photo of Al Bagnoli
Al Bagnoli, Patricia and Shepard Alexander Head Coach of Football

When Al Bagnoli was named Columbia's head football coach in the spring of 2015, many considered it a coup.

Photo of Emil Bahary, Kamel Bahary, and Bill Bahary
Emil Bahary ’57BUS, ’62SEAS, ’69SEAS; Kamel Bahary ’54CC; and Bill Bahary ’61GSAS

For brothers Kamel, Emil, and Bill Bahary, Columbia University is more than just their alma mater.

Photo of Barbara Campagna
Barbara Campagna '86GSAPP

Barbara Campagna '86GSAPP has spent the last three decades preserving historic structures for the benefit of future generations.

Photo of Eleanor Applewhaite
Eleanor (Ellie) Applewhaite '62LAW

Eleanor Applewhaite is planning now to make more possible through charitable gift annuities (CGAs) for Columbia Law School.

Photo of Frank Rinaldi
Frank Rinaldi '99SEAS

Frank Rinaldi is planning now to make more possible through a bequest to the Columbia University sailing program.

Photo of Alex Li
Alex Li '73CC

Alex Li is planning now to make more possible for students through a charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT).

Photo of Jane and Jerry Gliklich
Jane '78PS and Jerry '69CC, '75PS Gliklich

Doctors Jane Salmon and Jerry Gliklich are planning now to make more possible through bequests funding scholarships for Columbia University medical students.


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